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Waste Skip Bins

SBD Steelworks also offers Waste Skip Bin Manufacturing & Solutions to all business industries. We believe in sustainability and environmental responsibility. Reduction of waste overall is our goal when manufacturing and supplying top of the range waste skip bins.

Types of SBD Waste Skip Bins


These can be supplied in the following sizes : 1.1m³ , 1.75m³, 2.0m³ and 2.5m³ – for use with rear loader type of refuse removal trucks.
All containers come with either 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels, or skids instead of wheels. Foot brakes can be supplied if required. Lids are supplied as standard, as is a drain at the base of the container.
Mobile containers are prime painted all over and then painted on the outside with industrial enamel to a colour of your choice.

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Standard skip

This skip is manufactured from 4.5 mm thick material and is constructed in such a manner that all the edges overlap each other in a way that locks the whole bin together. The floor has been pressed into an IBR form similar in design to that used on roof sheeting, giving high strength and keeping the weight of the product to a minimum. The front & back of the bins are tapered, allowing them to be stacked for ease of transport.  We can manufacture to your specifications, for example lids with lockable doors can be added, the bin can be fully welded for wet waste etc.

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Mini skips

The compact size has its benefits and makes them very versatile in the removal of rubble from areas where a large truck has difficulty with access. Very effective for projects such as small townhouse developments and malls. The cost saving can be quite significant when using them for domestic garden cleanups as the amount of rubble does not usually exceed 3m³.

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Rear End Loader (REL)

These skips are used in conjunction with a Rear End Loader (REL) Note the round bar on the one end of the skip. This is so that the bin can pivot about this point when dumping product into the back of the truck for compaction. These skips are made to the same specifications as the standard skip, only a 50mm diameter round bar welded to one end of the skip and a lifting hook made from 25mm diameter round bar at the opposite end. These skips are also fitted with a tipping bar on the end that has a 40mm diameter bar.

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9m³ skip

The 9m³ skip is a standard 6m³ skip with an extension on both sides. The extensions are manufactured from 3mm thick steel with strengthening channels to support these sides. This particular shape and size of skip is very popular with the scrap metal industry as it lends itself towards bulk scrap metal. Being open on both sides is beneficial towards loading and the emptying of product. Other variations are with one side enclosed thus giving it a shape similar to that of the 11m³ skip only smaller, bearing in mind that loading & emptying can only be facilitated from one side.

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